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We, the editors of GLSNC, take it as axiomatic that publications like ours create community by broadcasting who we are as measured by what we do.  In the spirit of community-creation, we offer a monthly compendium of news, events, accomplishments and commentary by, and for, the faculty, staff, and administrators of the Liberal Studies and the Global Liberal Studies programs.

Announcements will be brief, with links to further information.  Since we are strictly digital, we hope you “follow” us and “like” our pages so that you’ll be notified every time we post a new item.

Two types of news items will be published:  accomplishments (which must pass an editorial review board), and announcements (which will be posted by the editors for G/LS community members without review).  Accomplishments include items that qualify as professional achievements (peer-reviewed publications of articles and books; departmental, university, national and international awards and grants, major pedagogical initiatives; conference and other presentations; other significant achievements in scholarship, creative output, and teaching). To facilitate the submission of publication notices, we have created form that you can access here.

Announcements can be posted on our calendar for G/LS community members, and are meant to alert colleagues of upcoming events of interest to our community. The G/LS calendar can be found here. Please “follow” the calendar to be apprised of upcoming events of importance to your colleagues. Submit calendar items to glsnc@nyu.edu.

We will also publish editorials by faculty, staff and administrators. Editorials, which also must pass review, may address any number of topics, including professional but also broader cultural, intellectual, social, or other issues of particular import to the faculty, staff, administration, academia, or the world at large. The editors may, from time to time, solicit such editorials from faculty and staff about particular themes. Editorial submissions should be sent to glsnc@nyu.edu.

The editorial review board is open to members from the entire G/LS community.  Please contact Michael Rectenwald, Christopher Packard, or Beth Haymaker, if you’d like to be nominated to serve.


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